We believe that a yard is an oasis. That each time you step into it, you are transported into an entirely unique, peaceful & private world. Through our obsession with design, quality, and craftsmanship we endeavour to build smart, modern environments that allow you to focus less on a list of yard chores and more on the glass of chardonnay in your hand.


VI OUTDOOR is Nanaimo's premium outdoor contracting & landscaping team.



From plants and greenery to retaining walls, outdoor living spaces, decks and custom carpentry, we have the skills to create your outdoor oasis


The ultimate backyard accessory,

take your design one step further and talk to us about poolside possibilities


Already have a beautiful outdoor space but need help with the upkeep? Let's discuss maintenance for residential and commercial properties



  • Landscape design

  • Lighting Design

  • Project Management

  • Pools

  • Retaining Walls

  • Concrete (Driveways & Patios)

  • Outdoor Living (kitchens, fireplaces, pizza ovens)

  • Carpentry (Decks, fencing, sheds, arbors, trellis, pergola, bridges, benches, planter boxes, patios, rails)

  • Ponds & Waterfalls

  • Irrigation (installation & repair)


  • Excavating and land clearing

  • Grading, trenching, site servicing

  • Waterline replacement and repair

  • Sewer hookup and repair

  • Septic decommissioning

  • Concrete (breaking & cutting)

  • Perimeter drains

  • Drainage

  • Snow Removal

  • Bin Rentals

  • Delivery & Installation (topsoil, garden soil, mulch, sand, aggregates, drain rock, boulders, precast stairs


We offer maintenance services for residential, strata and commercial properties

  • Lawn Care

  • Yard Cleanups

  • Power Washing

  • Pond & Waterfall Maintenance

  • Irrigation Winterization

  • Snow Removal

  • Ice Control










We do things a little differently at VI OUTDOOR. Our unique process starts with listening to your needs. From there, we work together to interpret, envision and build your dream outdoor space. 



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Nanaimo BC V9T 1W1

V.I. OUTDOOR is a fully licensed, registered and insured company. 100% Island owned and operated

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VI Outdoor Landscape Warranty: We believe that a yard is an oasis and it is important to us that our work is completed to the highest industry standards. To ensure the longevity of your newly installed landscape, follow-up maintenance provided by the homeowner is as critical as the initial installation. VI Outdoor’s landscape warranty has been designed to ensure proper installation of landscape materials so you can enjoy your new outdoor space. Warranty and/or guarantee work is only applicable when payment is received in full. VI Outdoor strives to install high quality materials which have been handled with the utmost care. Materials are used in outdoor environments and are vulnerable to weather conditions, site conditions, and routine maintenance schedules. Changes, discolouration, erosion, etc. are to be expected and regular maintenance will be required for full enjoyment of your landscape. This warranty is not designed to cover these conditions. 1. Hardscape Warranty 1.1. This warranty covers any defects in materials and all installation and workmanship with the exceptions stated in section 1.3. 1.2. All hard surface concrete, block or flagstone products will be warrantied until lesser of 6 months from the time of substantial completion of the landscape or to the end of the manufacturer’s warranty. 1.3. All wood or composite products will be warrantied until the lesser of 6 months from the time of substantial completion. 1.4. Artificial turf products are subject to the manufacturer warranty and there is no warranty on labour related to the failure of the product due to manufacturer defect. 1.5. Exempt from warranty: • Fading or discolouration of materials or products • Damage to landscape due to improper use, neglect, vandalism, animal damage, Acts of God • Staining of any nature from outside sources, improper care, or cleaning • Cracking of concrete surfaces is to be expected and is normal • Normal settling or removal of polymeric sand • Surfaces or products that require regular maintenance • Warping, discoloration, cracking, swelling, shrinking of any wood product • Changes in stain colour • Labour required to replace materials that are faulty due to manufacturer defect or through no fault of VI Outdoor • Premature failure of artificial turf products related to routine maintenance including application of sand, removal of debris, weeds, etc.  2. Irrigation Systems 1.1. Support for your irrigation system will be provided until VI Outdoor has completed the first-year winterization in accordance with the Irrigation Association of British Columbia Guidelines. 1.2 Exempt from warranty: • Issues caused by inappropriate water pressure • Clogs, broken pipes, damaged heads, nozzles, etc. not related to initial installation • Issues arising from the irrigation system coverage • Additional services such as programming • Changes to the system required due to changes in local bylaws 2. Plant Warranty 2.1. Plant materials arrive onsite healthy and are planted carefully. Plants are warrantied against damage due to delivery and installation. The client has three days from installation to inspect the new plants for damage and report to VI Outdoor for warranty. 2.3. Exempt from warranty: • Underwatered or neglected plants • Vandalism, animal damage or Acts of God • Any special request plants which are not hardy to our area • If the plant has been moved from its original location • Plants installed in pots or raised planters • Existing plants that have been moved 2.4. Trees and shrubs can show some stress immediately following planting, but typically they will recover quickly. Keep a close eye on your new plants. At the first sign of something unusual with your new plant material, contact us immediately regarding your concerns. We can then assist you with information to help keep your new plant material healthy, before further damage occurs. Underwatering, overwatering, insect infestation and lack of winter watering can all have adverse effects on the young plant. 3. Lawn Warranty 3.1. This warranty covers over seeding of seeded lawns and replacement of new sod installations with the exceptions stated in section 3.3. 3.2. This warranty runs for a period of 30 days from time of installation. 3.3. Exempt from warranty: • Underwatered or neglect • Vandalism, animal damage or Acts of God • Damage caused by excessive foot or vehicle traffic 3.4. New lawns generally fail due to improper irrigation coverage. At the first sign of browning please adjust your water application rate quickly and contact us immediately regarding your concerns. 3.5. Remedial measures will be decided at the discretion of VI Outdoor.  Terms and Conditions: 1. VI Outdoor reserves the right to charge for time related to change orders, onsite consultations and other client meetings. 2. A Change Order Form must be completed and signed for all changes to the project. No change to the project will be completed without an executed change order and VI Outdoor will take no responsibility for delays or costs incurred by a change order. 3. VI Outdoor will strive to keep the site clean and free of debris while working. However, the client is responsible for limiting traffic and monitoring the safety of the site when workers are not onsite. 4. Any groundwork quoted is based on surface inspection and anticipated conditions. VI Outdoor reserves the right to adjust the cost for any groundwork throughout the digging process. 5. Equipment, scaffolding, trailers, bins, or other material left onsite is not to be used, touched or moved at any time. 6. VI Outdoor is a provider of plowing and deicing services only. VI Outdoor is not responsible for dangerous conditions due to snow or ice. 7. VI Outdoor is not responsible for any damage caused by subtrades. VI Outdoor will endeavor to ensure that any trade used on a job site carries sufficient insurance. 8. VI Outdoor is not responsible for water damage related to perimeter drain and rain leader systems. VI Outdoor will attempt to mitigate the potential impact of property damage during the completion of these projects. 9. If VI Outdoor is delayed or hindered in, or prevented from, the performance of any term, covenant or act required under this Agreement by reason of strikes, lockouts, work stoppages/slowdowns; inability to procure materials or services; power failure; restrictive governmental laws or regulations; Acts of God; or other reasons whether of a like nature or not, which are beyond VI Outdoor’s reasonable control, then the performance of that term, covenant or act is excused for the period of the delay and VI Outdoor will be entitled to perform that term, covenant or act within the appropriate time period after the expiration of the period of the delay. 10. All schedules are subject to change. VI Outdoor will strive to notify the client three days before site mobilization and notify the client promptly of any circumstance that will change the timeline of the project. 11. You grant permission to VI Outdoor to use photographs or videotapes taken of the completed work for use in advertising, direct mail, brochures, newsletters, electronic publications and magazines relating to VI Outdoor. You waive any right to inspect or approve any finished photograph or videotape that may be used in conjunction with a photograph or videotape now or in the future and waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising from, or related to the use of any such media. VI Outdoor will not use any direct identifying information (name or address) in any photo or video. 12. All payments are due on receipt of invoice and VI Outdoor reserves the right to stop work and/or demobilize from site if payment is not received in a timely fashion. VI Outdoor does not accept any responsibility for extra costs or delays related to the stoppage of work. 13. Owners are prohibited from hiring any VI Outdoor employee. 14. Any advice given during a site consultation is based on knowable information and the experience of the VI Outdoor employee. VI Outdoor in no way accepts responsibility for any liability arising from the site consultation. 15. VI Outdoor is committed to maintaining a safe and respectful work environment for all employees. As such VI Outdoor reserves the right to immediately terminate a project and bill for services completed if it is determined that any unsafe condition exists onsite. This includes but is not limited to unsafe physical environment, disrespectful communication, threats made to employees, bullying and harassment, sexual harassment or actions of other contractors who are onsite.